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Evidence Matters is 3ie’s new blog site, featuring contributions from staff members.  On this site, they share their expertise, views and experiences on a range of important topics related to 3ie’s work in the generation and use of sound and useful evidence of what works, why, how and for how much in international development.

In the past few years, 3ie has established global leadership in financing and supporting methodological developments and increased quality of impact evaluations and evidence syntheses. This role puts 3ie staff at the centre of the development sector’s zeitgeist about what constitutes evidence, how best to assess the impact of development interventions and what is needed to promote increased uptake and use of evidence in policy and practice. 3ie specialist staff combine sector expertise, for example, in global health, climate change, social development, education and agriculture, with skills in evaluation, systematic reviews, evidence synthesis and policy processes in development.

This new blog site gives 3ie staff a regular platform for starting new dialogues and contributing to existing debates, as well as proffering ways to address enduring development challenges. From time to time, 3ie will be inviting guest bloggers to join staff in sharing views on selected topics.  When topics spark intense interest and conversation, Evidence Matters will be a forum for moderated debates. The value of blogs lies in part in the conversations they generate and different perspectives that come from these exchanges. Comments are welcome.

All views expressed in the blogs are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the organisation.  Any errors and omissions are the author’s responsibility.

For more information on 3ie, please visit our website www.3ieimpact.org