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Drew Cameron

Formerly an Evaluation Specialist in 3ie’s Washington DC office, Drew is a consultant for 3ie currently pursuing a PhD at the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health.

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Trends in impact evaluation: Did we ever learn?

and | April 29, 2015

In 2006, the Evaluation Gap Working Group asked, “When will we ever learn?” This week, 3ie’s Drew Cameron, Anjini Mishra, and Annette Brown (hereafter CMB) have published a paper in the Journal of Development Effectiveness that uses data on more than thirty years of published impact evaluations from 3ie’s Impact Evaluation Repository (IER) to answer
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Shining a light on the unknown knowns

and | September 18, 2013

Donald Rumsfeld, a former US Secretary of Defense, famously noted the distinction between known knowns (things we know we know), known unknowns (things we know we don’t know), and unknown unknowns (things we don’t know we don’t know). In international development research, these same distinctions exist. There is published evidence that can be used to
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