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Birte Snilstveit

Birte assists in coordinating and developing 3ie’s Systematic Reviews Programme in London. She works with Hugh Waddington in coordinating the Reviews commissioned by 3ie and the Campbell Collaboration International Development Coordinating Group. She is a co-author for Reviews on “Water, sanitation and hygiene interventions to combat childhood diarrhoea in developing countries” and “Interventions to promote social cohesion in sub-Saharan Africa” as well as a scoping study on “Impact evaluation and interventions to address climate change”.

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Not missing the woods for the trees: mapping evidence gaps on land use and forestry programmes

Forest protection is among the most effective approaches we have to mitigate climate change. At the same time, agricultural land and forests provide food, livelihoods and fuel for billions of people globally, particularly in low and middle-income countries (L&MICs). At the same time there are concerns that large-scale forest protection programming will have negative knock-on
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If you want your study included in a systematic review, this is what you should report

and | November 4, 2016

Impact evaluation evidence continues to accumulate, and policymakers need to understand the range of evidence, not just individual studies. Across all sectors of international development, systematic reviews and meta-analysis (the statistical analysis used in many systematic reviews) are increasingly used to synthesise the evidence on the effects of programmes. These reviews aim to identify all
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Evidence gap maps: an innovative tool for seeing what we know and don’t know

and | February 5, 2015

Whether you are a research funder, decision maker or researcher, keeping up with the ever expanding evidence base is not easy. Over 2600 impact evaluations and 300 systematic reviews assessing the effects of international development interventions have been completed or are ongoing to help answer that question and understand how, why and at what cost. 
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