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Annette N. Brown

Annette is the former Deputy Director for Advancement and Impact Evaluation Services and Head of the Washington office for 3ie. In this position, she directed 3ie’s replication, registry, and database programs and professional services activities as well as 3ie’s membership development and sustainability activities. She also directed 3ie’s HIV prevention programs, including thematic windows 2 and 3, and 3ie’s new thematic window joint with the Experiments in Governance and Politics Network (EGAP).

Annette currently leads the Research and Evaluation Strategic Initiative at FHI 360.

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Seven impact evaluations on demand creation for VMMC: how a focused thematic window can meet multiple evidence needs

and | November 30, 2015

On World AIDS Day 2015, we are marking the culmination of 3ie’s third thematic window, which funded seven pilot programmes and rapid impact evaluations looking for ways to increase the demand for voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC). In late 2013, we awarded grants to project teams of implementers and researchers to pilot innovative programs for
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How to peer review replication research

“The 3ie replication process differs in important ways from the standard research community-led peer-review process in academic journals. We have been explicitly instructed by 3ie staff not to discuss our experiences with the replication process at any length in this note, including our views on the weaknesses of their current system and the review standards
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Demand creation for voluntary medical male circumcision: how can we influence emotional choices?

and | December 1, 2014

This year in anticipation of World AIDS Day, UNAIDS is focusing more attention on reducing new infections as opposed to treatment expansion. As explained by Center for Global Development’s Mead Over in his blog post, reducing new infections is crucial for easing the strain on government budgets for treatment as well as for eventually reaching
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When is an error not an error?

Thomas Herndon, Michael Ash, and Robert Pollin (HAP) in their now famous replication study of Reinhart and Rogoff’s (R&R) seminal article on public debt and economic growth use the word “error” 45 times. The study sparked a tense debate, summarized by the Financial Times (FT) between HAP and R&R about which differences in HAP’s analysis
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